“Maskne” Dermatologist endorses silk face masks

Manhattan dermatologist Dr Dendy Engelman just endorsed the benefits of silk face masks for skin, in her Guardian conversation with beauty journalist Sali Hughes.
She coined the term “maskne” after seeing a surge in private patients – particularly those who wore PPE at work – with breakouts, friction sores, congested pores and irritation.
Her advice? Switch to a cool, breathable silk face mask that will minimise friction and help avoid skin clogging. Two words: The Onyx!
Skin just got a new ally:  our new Onyx silk face mask
A year of masks. Who could have imagined it? Tough on everyone, and tough on skin. 
Well. skin just got a new ally with our latest launch – the Onyx pure silk facemask duo which scores high on comfort and low on the dreaded “mask-ne”.
Smooth silk fibres mean less abrasion on irritated skin,  and the breathability of silk reduces the moisture vapour around the mouth, reducing bacterial growth.
Our Onyx silk face mask really is a godsend for those who have to wear masks for long periods. And for nights out – now that they are back, our Day and Night navy and silver silk face masks are as glamorous as face coverings get!
Does someone you love need a mask upgrade?