Sleep Essentials: Your Essential Sleep Countdown

sleep essentials
Are you counting down to sleep each night or still counting sheep at 2am?

Well, there are some non-negotiable when it comes to quality sleep. we repeat: non-negotiable!

Over and over experts recommend routine, gentle activity that helps frame your mind for rest. This can include gentle mindfulness or yoga practice, a soothing blend of tea or incorporating aromatherapy oil blends into your evening routine to help you prepare.
And here are the essentials:
1. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine, not just before bed, but altogether. Do I want to believe that?!

2. Putting away that phone/ mobile device (you have our permission to stop reading right now if you are in bed!)

3. Getting some daylight during the day but dim the lights at bedtime.

4. Developing a routine which can include things as simple as brushing your teeth but try and keep to a schedule. Consider including a warm bath (15) with calming oils as part of that routine.

5. Introducing some calming scents to the bedroom. We love this one, of course!
FLORA + FIONA REST Oil is part of our Ultimate Sleep Gift Set for a reason, it has Frankincense which alleviates nervous tension and exhaustion, Moroccan organic Neroli (orange blossom), a deeply reassuring aroma helping to clear stray thoughts and retrieving a sense of self and of course, the soft fragrance of sleep-inducing organic Lavender. Bliss!
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