Do silk pillowcases work? The pros say Yes!

Don’t just take it from us. A whole chorus of dermatologists, hair and skin experts sing the praises of a silk pillowcase – and women of all ages are becoming silk pillowcase converts.
Let’s start with the Skin-fluencers
Patrica Wexler, the legendary New York Dermatologist, knows the glow of a silk pillowcase:  “Anyone who has used silk pillowcases knows your skin feels smooth in the morning. You wake up with fresher-looking hair and skin, and you get a better night’s sleep.”  Dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, M.D told Well&Good that  “Studies have shown an approximate 43% reduction in skin friction during a night’s rest, meaning less irritation and potential fine lines.”
Closer to home in Ireland, skin expert Sherna Malone is a firm fan: “When it comes to your skin, silk means less friction, it allows skin to breathe, and it is very much skin-protective.”
Dublin facialist and lash guru Carmel Mooney of Opulash says she recommends our mulberry silk pillowcases to all her skin clients: “They make such a difference to skin and hair, but are also great for lash extensions – less friction, less fall.”
The real world testers: you!
Our happy customers are the real world testers: “I am someone who sleeps on my side and wake up with face creases but I don’t have this problem with these pillowcases. I also find my hair and skin has improved.” – that’s Kate, who bought hers last year.
Anna, a former Silk Pillowcase team mate, let her hair grow out through lockdown: “The last year of lockdown has put my silk pillowcase to the test – I have had to go it alone with my (lifelong) coarse, frizzy, unruly hair for almost 12 months since salons have rarely been open. Sleeping nightly on the silk pillowcase has dramatically improved my hair texture, smoothness and split ends.”
Breffnie, one of our earliest raving fans has been spreading the silk pillowcase gospel: “I gave two silk pillowcases to my teenage  daughter to help in her eternal quest  to keep her curls curly, not frizzy. They did the job but they also did another unexpected but super welcome thing, she said her skin is much better since using them….less likely to break out.”
These Superstars love silk too…
“I swear to Gawd! Utter beauty hack if you want to avoid pillow creases on your face at 4am”…..Finding Amy star and national treasure Amy Huberman just loves a silk pillowcase, and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner calls hers “the greatest invention of all.”
We know the Kardashians, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Blundchen and Cindy Crawford have been early adopters, but Irish instagrammers like Sally Foran, The Irish Beauty Fairy, Terry from The Style Coop and Clementine McNeice are equally adamant that their silk pillowcases keep locks tamed and skin smoother too. Broadcaster and writer Louise McSharry suggests a silk pillowcase not just for the positive skin and hair benefits but because they are just  “delightful to rest your head on”.
We couldn’t agree more! Are you ready to join the Sleep on Silk tribe?