Skin’s secret ally

When some of the world’s top dermatologists are quietly recommending silk pillowcases to their clients, you know it’s worth it. Silk reduces drag on the skin and minimises the chances of these pesky sleep lines – you know the ones that seem to get worse as we age and can linger ’til lunchtime?

In the short term, that’s one less thing to fret about in the morning routine.

Long term, dermatologists believe it has cumulative anti-aging benefits over your lifetime: sleeping on silk means your skin loses less moisture to your pillow, minimises friction on your skin, especially for side sleepers. A silk pillowcase is both hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, so it’s skin-protective.

So love the skin you’re in, join the Sleep on Silk tribe 

“My skin specialist reccomended a silk pillowcase for skin after 40 – it helps avoid pillow lines”