Soothe menopause symptoms with silk

If ever there was a time when a woman needs a little extra self-care, it’s menopause. And this is where a silk pillowcase comes into its own. The nightmare of night sweats, that 60% of women experience at some point in perimenopause or menopause, can disrupt sleep, increase night wakings, and induce fatigue the following day. Menopause messes up the body’s thermostat and means that many women can’t tolerate the heat of manmade fabrics on their bodies or their bedding.
Natural fabrics are the answer – they help skin to breathe easily. And silk, with its exceptional thermo-regulation and air permeability properties, can keep the body cool and comfortable during those dreaded night sweats. It becomes nicely warm when the weather gets cooler, too.
A silk pillowcase is a smart solution for better sleep during the menopause years.
Through our sister venture, My Second Spring, a web destination for millions of women seeking menopause solutions, we discovered that the silk pillowcase can be a crucial source of comfort for women during menopause. And so the idea for the ultimate silk pillowcase was born.
It has helped us. We hope it helps you too!
“I love that I can always find a nice cool part of my pillow when I’m overheating at night.”