Three Blissful Essential Oil Rituals For Deep Sleep

essential oils for sleep
We spoke to Clinical Aromatherapist, Fiona Hedigan of Flora + Fiona, creator of the Rest Oil in our Ultimate Sleep set, about using essential oils to calm the mind and body and bring on deep sleep.

We asked Fiona to choose her favourite oils for restful sleep. Here are her recipes for a room diffuser, bath soak and evening massage.

To create a calming atmosphere, I would suggest using any of the following oils – choose the scents that appeal most to you in the recipes that follow: 6-8 drops in total.

Sweet Orange
Ylang Ylang
Better Sleep Recipes
1. Room Diffuser Recipe
I think every home should have a room diffuser. In a well-ventilated area, it can be used in the evening to create a soothing and a calm environment and prepare you for sleep.
2 drops of Vetiver
3 drops of Bergamot
3 drops of Sweet Orange
Use a combination of 6-8 drops of essential oil in the water of a diffuser. Switch on for 40-60 minutes a couple of hours before bed.

2. Bath Time Recipe
Nothing beats a 15-minute soak in the bath to encourage deep, restful sleep.  If you don’t have a bath, a foot bath is a good alternative.
Use any combination of the calming oils listed above. Try different combinations and see what works best for you. I would suggest 3 maximum for example:
2 drops of Lavender
2 drops of Neroli
2 drops of Ylang Lang

Put 6 drops of essential oil into one tablespoon (or an egg cup) of sweet almond or sunflower oil. Add to a pre-run bath or a cup of Epsom Salts and then add to bath. Hop in and breathe in the aroma….. Divine!  Epsom salts contain magnesium which is a wonderful muscle relaxant…
Use the same recipe for a foot soak.

3. A Night Time Face and Body Massage Recipe
Use your favourite oils and lotions to do some gentle self-massage at the end of the day. It is a lovely way to unwind before sleep. I use my Rest Oil roller on my wrists and temples every night as a before-bed ritual, before resting my wearing head on my glorious silk pillowcase.

If you want to have more information I have a full list of oils to use at home:

A note from Fiona:
In my work as a Clinical Aromatherapist, I have spent many years researching the use of essential oils and their positive effects on our health and wellbeing.
The primary concerns come up again and again:
A need to relax,
 to get more sleep, to ease stress, 
to have more energy
, to feel well

With my particular knowledge and expertise in formulation and blending, I source the purest of plant oils to create therapeutic blends to help you in those stressful and anxious times. 
I hope you find them beneficial.