Rest and Refresh Gift Set (3pcs)
silk eye mask for better sleep
rest pulse points oil for better sleep
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Rest and Refresh Gift Set (3pcs)

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Everything you need for a restful night’s sleep, daytime nap or inflight snooze.

Slip our luxury 100% mulberry silk pillowcase onto your pillow, roll a few drops of the Rest Oil on your wrist and slide on the sublime silkiness of our luxury eye mask for complete blackout and comfort.  ZZzzzzzz……

Includes one Silk Pillowcase, one  “Cloud” Silk Eye Mask and REST Oil from the luxe Irish aromatherapy brand Flora+Fiona.

Total indulgence in this ultimate REST gift set.

This is an upgrade on our popular REST gift set duo from The Silk Pillowcase and the luxe aromatherapy brand Flora+Fiona.

Enjoy all the benefits of our 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase (good for hair, good for skin, good for sleep), add in the slumber-inducing aromas of the REST Oil (Frankincense, organic Neroli, organic Lavender) and the light-blocking luxe of our “Cloud” silk eye mask.

Individually, these beautiful products retail at €145 – our online exclusive price is €140. Save €5 AND enjoy Free Shipping.

Good to Know: The gift contains: one boxed silk pillowcase, one boxed Rest Oil one silk sleep mask with its own drawstring bag.


Sizes: Queen/Standard 51cm x 75cm (20in x 30 in)
Color: Ivory

Silk Eye Mask:

Size: 11.5cm x 22cm (4.5in x 8.5in)
Color: Ivory/Black reverse

Rest Oil:

10ml, glass roller ball bottle.

Customer Reviews

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The best gift for someone recovering from an operation

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for your quick delivery of this great gift. My Mam is getting over an operation and she has been able to sleep so well with the REst Oil and silk eye mask and pillowcase. She's been so comfortable it's been a great comfort to me and my family to know that she's sleeping so much better. Great Gift!